Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our First Blog: 27-10-09


This is the Westville volunteer group.

We are Simon Peel, Laura Skinner, Julie Machacek, Mat Collard, Jude Norcross and Laura Iredale. So far. We’re here for 3 months/8 months/a year.

So lots more of this to come!

Projects the past few weeks since our arrival have included:

Speaking and teaching kids at Lamontville.

Marianhill bible classes. The singing is amazing!

Digging up turf from local school and re-laying it in Marianhill.

Happy’s school leading study groups and kids classes.

BEC clearing up the flood, helping man the shop and sign people up for Bible correspondence courses.

Our highlights:

It’s been brilliant meeting, working with and having fellowship with so many new Christadelphians passionate about the spreading of the Good News of the Kingdom of God.

The Congolese class was exciting because we had to go into dodgy areas of Durban to pick the attendees up! Once we got there safely we had a good uplifting discussion about Philippians 2v5-11. It was good to see their enthusiasm and depth of knowledge.

Lamontville Youth class was fab. We spoke to them about sin, how we should try to avoid it in our lives and focus instead on working for God. We played DODGE – the sin – BALL! The balls represented sin and how it is not always easy to avoid but with the armour of on God we are protected.

Another highlight from Lamontville was wrapping up a small child in multi-coloured bits of paper (beautifully coloured by the kids) and trying to pass it off as Joseph’s coat.

In other news:

We jumped off some rocks into the dam at Shongweni Reserve Park. Does it count as preaching if we say it was a ‘leap of faith’ we so ably demonstrated to passing canoeists?!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bible Study day at the KMPBEC - October 2009

We had a very fruitful Bible Study day at the KMP BEC on Saturday 17 October. Fourteen students turned up after 358 were notified via sms twice during the week leading up to the 17th. The classes were led by myself and Bro. Cameron Beeler (USA), who is doing full time mission work in Durban at the moment, and visited us for the weekend. The class started at 10:00 and ended at 2:30 only with a coffee break in the middle. Quite a few topics were covered including the promises to Abraham and David ; How to deal with temptation, The Kingdom of God on earth. The students went away very encouraged and with some additional literature to help them in their studies. It was very rewarding to see their enthusiasm and appreciation for the chance they had to grow in knowledge and understanding. 
Love from the 2010 team here in Gauteng