Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday School kids making a difference!

 The 1st of May is a public holiday in South Africa - called "workers' day". Public holiday for most means a day to rest and relax; not so for the Gauteng volunteers though! As it was a Wednesday and we had the homework club kids coming over anyway we rallied some ecclesial members and put everyone to work packing food parcels. We made up 300 food parcels in just under 2 hours!

Fresh-faced and eager to get started!

Taffi took up the 1st post - opening the packets (a "small" job that makes a huge difference in productivity!)

Pippa was in charge of the jam; Angelo & Frank in the background.

Karabo took charge of the peanut butter - "yum yum" as it says on the tin!

Hendri & Birgit made up the smaller tea bag packets.

Liezl had some help making up her tea bag packets :)

Cameron & Sipho packed the maize & sugar.

Junior was the end of the line - put in tea and tie up the bags.

Dieter sorted the veg for packing - 5 years old and able to work for a good cause!

Zante trying her hand at packing maize - she would try to pack the heaviest item! Amazingly she persisted and did her part for at least 10 packets!
With love in Christ
Michael & Lilandi Furstenburg

Friday, May 10, 2013

Creche Course Creativity

This year we have been busy with the Creche courses again. We have already had two groups complete the 6 week course (one in Tembisa and another in Delmore Gardens) and had an amazing graduation day. Some ladies say little speeches just to show how thankful they are that God brought them to this course, others sing songs and just keep on singing and singing. Some photos below of our last graduation.

Our current group attending the course are such great students and have been very creative with the different things you can make out of recycled goods. Here are some photos of the ladies on the course and their creative designs.

We are looking forward to building stronger relationships with some of these ladies and enhance their teaching by giving Bible classes at their creches.

Ignite2020 team Kempton Park

BEC Graduation at Aphiwe

Our Bible Education Center in Tembisa  has been running for more than a year now from the Aphiwe Good News center, and in this time period we have had a few baptisms, and many people doing our Bible courses.  We decided to follow Durbans idea and host a graduation for all these students.
We had our first graduation for this year on 6 April and had about 20 people attending the graduation, and out of those 20 there were  12 students who received their certificates. We started the graduation with an opening prayer from one of our new brothers; we then did a 45 minute Bible Study with them. After the Study we handed out the certificates, and had a lovely discussion over a cup of coffee.
There were 5 of the students who started the course, that were baptized in last year, it is so rewarding to see some individuals take action and get baptized after learning and finishing the courses.

Hendri and Liezl on behalf of the Ignite2020 team in Kempton Park

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Praise and Worship Night - Aphiwe (Gauteng)

We hosted a Praise and Worship games evening for our youth in Tembisa. Bro Michael created a music quiz for us on the computer and we then got the youth together and it went super.

We split the group in two teams so that they had some competition going on. Each slide on the Quiz would ask one of the following questions: 1) Name that song, we have a tune play and they would have to name the song. 2) Sing a song with this picture, we would have a picture on the screen and they can choose any Biblical song that has that picture in it and sing the song. 3) Sing a song with this word, same as the picture except this time we have a word on the screen. 4) Fill in the gap, we would have the Title of a song on screen with a missing word and they would then have to guess the word and sing the from t song. 5) Charades, we give one person from each team the title of a song and they have to act it out to their group. And the there are also some "blessings" where they get 5 free points and also some "curses" where we subtract 5 points from their score.

The children love singing and having the games going with it is just great fun. We have many new children join us with these evenings and then start joining us on Sundays for Sunday school.

Liezl and Hendri
On behalf of the Ignite2020 team in Kempton PArk