Monday, January 7, 2013

P2P Group - Gauteng - December 2012

We were again privileged to have a SUPER group of volunteers during December. Rachel Johnson, Lauren Ghent, Natalie Ferguson, Michelle Hurn, Sam Turner, Matt Drabenstott, James Caudrey, Liezl & Hendri Viljoen and Matt Bilello all played a huge part in making the Adieu progress and development center, Tembisa and Germiston buzz with activity.They were involved in a wide range of activities ranging from Bible classes, Sunday School classes, witnessing some baptisms, Youth Week, food parcel distribution, testing out obstacle courses, transporting lots of people, assembling wheel chairs, installing PC's for unprivileged children,  and lots of other stuff that help us immensely with our work here in Kempton Park. Lots of friendships were made and rewarding and fun times were par for the course. 

Prepared 2 Preach, People 2 People, Prayers 2 Petitions, Provoked 2 Participate, Person 2 Person is only some of the thoughts that come to mind when you are privileged to see volunteers at work. THANK YOU all for the difference you made and legacies you left!

The 2020Ignite team - Kempton Park.