Sunday, January 29, 2012

Preaching in tembisa

The Bible Class in Tembisa has been going for over a year  and we are very excited about the growth in numbers.  The three brethren in the Tembisa ecclesia wanted the Bible classes to continue throughout  December month even though this time of the year is usually quiet as people go to their homelands. The attendance remained good however. The continuity seems to have has a good effect as we had 38 people at out Bible class on the 17th of January. Half of the people there were school children who attend the Tembisa Sunday School on Sunday morning.





Sunday Mornings are quite a buzz at the Aphiwe Community center in Tembisa lately. The Sunday School kicks off at 8:30 and about 40 children turn up regularly for Sunday school classes. We have two different groups (junior –ages 10 to 14 and Senior group ages 15 – 18). The meeting follows after Sunday school and lately half of the Sunday School group remain to attend the meeting as well. On the 22nd of February we had 30 people attend the meeting and we were particularly happy to see some of the ladies who attended the crèche course and three young boys who attended our chess club also turn up at our Sunday meetings. It is wonderful to build relationships with people that then lead to them wanting to attend our church.




We will be moving our BEC (Bible Education Centre) from a shopping mall into the Tembisa townsip itself. The one room of the Community Center will become the new Bec and we are excited to have the BEC right in the hart of the community where we are bound to reach many more in our preaching efforts.

With abiding love 
KMP Ignite2020 Team

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Advanced Cooking Course - Aphiwe

You have read about the cooking course well we started an advance cooking course.
After the normal cooking course was done most of the ladies came to me and asked if there wasn't any other cooking courses for them to attend so they can learn more, after a long planning session we started with the advance cooking course.

The advance cooking course is were the ladies can make there own food, instead of sitting behind a desk and taking notes we give them a chance to make and experiment with new food ideas. We made it like this for two reasons according to me you learn by doing but also to teach them how to work with food as well as how to work with knives, it was scary to see how these ladies worked with knives and that they use one knife to do every thing.

Ladies before they started cooking

After the four week cooking course the ladies get invited to do a 1 day advance cooking course.
In this course the ladies make there own food I am only there to help and give advice. They all ran to the table with the ingredients and no one stayed behind to heat up the stove or to sort out the table, after I spoke with them they started to send two people at a time to get the things needed. This helped them to be more effective and get the meals done in time.

Hendri explaining what the ladies are to do
With the first advance cooking course past, there are a few things that I would change and add to it not just to make it easier but also to make it more fun for every one there.
The ladies needed to bring the following with them (a pot, a pan and there own knives) all these things were needed to make the day easier. They started with a starter Veg. fries (looks like French fries but made out of carrots and pumpkin, they then made an energy bomb for dessert that needed to go into the fridge. When all these where done they started making their chicken curry pot.

Chopping food for main meal

Ladies getting to know one another as they cook in teams
We told the ladies to halve the dessert recipe because it is very sweet (125ml sugar, 4 42g bar-ones, halve a cup of syrup and 100ml margarine and four cups rise Crispies) they then went and only halved the rise Crispies and left all the rest of the ingredients the same, this made it extra energy bombs, EXTREMELY sweet.

Busy making the Bar one dessert
After all the groups were done we dished up for every one, they had of both the pots to also taste what the other groups pot tasted like. There were a panel of judges that day to help to choose a winning team, they decided both the pots tasted so nice that we gave first place to both teams.
They all were winners just by attending the course.

With love in Jesus
Hendri and Liezl

cooking course , aphiwe

Here in Guateng we started a cooking Course, with me Hendri the presenter. The look on the lady's faces is priceless when they see a guy presenting the cooking course.

The reason, we started the cooking course was to help the lady's to make new meals for the children but also improve there cooking at home to have a better balanced diet. The cooking course does not only help the people to make food but also we teach them about safety in the kitchen, food preparation, how to fold serviettes and how to lay a table. The small things we use they did not now how to make or do.

In week one we, start with safety in the kitchen, when we have gone through all the things they need to know we start with the making of food. In the first week I teach them how to make small breakfasts but high in protein, we make scrambled eggs, window sandwich (piece of bread, where the centre part is taken out and replaced by a egg) French toast and omelettes, most of these the lady's never knew how to make, every time I ask them if they went home and mad it, most of the time they say yes.
In the second week we make ginger biscuits, where after Liezl takes them and show them how to fold serviettes and how to set a table. Every time they ask a few good questions like what type of plates to use with what type of party, what type of wine glass to use for what wine. We also show them how they can bring the serviettes they fold into there table decorations.

In the third week we show them how to make a cheese and onion bread and a pasta and cheese souse, with this week we start working with more types of food so we start with food preparation and food safety. In this week we show them every thing they need to know about working with the meet groups and vegetables.

Now as we come to week four, we do a chicken stir-fry with them and prize giving, the prize giving would normally take half and hour to go trough 25 certificates, but with the lady's in Tembisa this takes about one and a half hours. With every lady you call to get her certificate she has her own song and so do the next and the next all got there own song to sing.

With the first cooking course we had about 15 ladies and on the second, one we had 26 ladies, we are in the second week of the third cooking course and already we have 19 ladies on the course. It is amazing to see the facial expressions as you go trough the work with them.             

That's all for now from the Kempton-Park team

God Bless
Hendri and Liezl

Love the Lord your God.

Stationary donations - Gauteng

We would like to tell a story on how we experienced the thought and fact of God knowing what we need and not WANT and providing that very thing at the perfect time.

We have been receiving many donations over the past year and been distributing it to many people we have come across in Tembisa as well as in Kempton Park. So as we were busy making up 100 – 150 food parcels we got a phone call from a sister in our ecclesia. She said that her manager from her company was giving away 10 boxes full of stationary and it must be picked up within the next 2 -3 hours or else he is throwing it away. So four of us set off to Johannesburg in the busiest time of the day to pick up the stationary. We made it to the store in time, which is all thanks to God as it usually takes much longer. Thanks to Hendri's amazing packing skills we got all of the boxes to fit in to the back of the bakkie. The stationary was brought home and repacked into smaller packs which were made for many school going children who .... well would you know... are needing stationary for school next year!!

Hendri busy packing the stationary

Last bag of stationary being packed
Hendri and I attended a dinner which was held for all the volunteers who help with the soup kitchen, there we met a lady who is the manager of a safe home for 18 school going girls. She told us how they need to find money to buy stationary for all the girls. We could then, thanks to the donation, help them out too by giving them a bit of the stationary that was given to us, only a few days earlier.

A few parcels given to the safe home
Another way we got to distribute the stationary was with the food parcels we give out at a local school in Tembisa. How excited the children were to receive new stationary.  We also had the Braambos camp that was coming up. We made a stationary parcel for each person attending the camp. After all this there is STILL stationary left!! Makes me think of the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 people. How great it is to be able to give and give and give some more.

BEC sale , Kempton Park

One of our latest events we had going on at the Kempton Park BEC, was to have a two day sale. We got together all the stock we have gathered over the past 2 – 3 years and put it out on some tables just in front of the BEC stall. We had such a great time talking to many people who came to look at books and buy some as gifts for other family members or for themselves, some books were on deep Bible studies and others were on more practical life issues.

Setting up the tables early in the morning with a cool breeze coming through the door, smiling faces of the people walking by, we were excited to spread the good news and advertise our BEC.
We had a lady who came and bought some books for her grandchild, the parents aren't believers but she reads the Bible to the grandchild to teach him God's way.

Another lady came to buy some books for her son who is doing some mission work in an African country, he can't speak their local language so has no friends and finds comfort in reading the books his mom sends.

Youngsters Helping out to

All the children who bought something received a FREE sunhat
We had a gentlemen who bought a Bible for someone who just got baptized that day, he also spoke to us for quite some time of how great God's Kingdom is going to be. We had our Brother Andrew also giving one on one classes to interested students.

Altogether the two days went really well and we got to spread the Gospel a bit more.

God Bless
 Hendri and Liezl

Love the Lord your God.