Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Mini" P2P - July 09 - Kempton Park

Brethren Grant Chapman and Jonathan Deering has joined us for a three day mini P2P program. they spent Monday doing BEC and 2010 related work. Tuesday was "hard labor" day as we completed phase two of the playground "installation" at the Modimo Oteng crèche. There was still a fair bit of overgrown ground to clear. The dust was something else but it was well worth the work. Just as rewarding, however, was the fact that two ladies who live next door to the crèche came and offered their help. They wanted to also be involved because they have been noticing the people that have been working there over the past two weeks. So from a 4 man team we grew to a 6 member team with Queen and Pumsile just as eager as the men were to get on with the work. It was a reminder to us that if we continue to show Jesus' love in our actions it will rub off on others. We invited them to our Sunday morning Bible classes held at the crèche and they indicated that they will come and join us.
It was amazing, after an hour, how much better the play area looked. Once the tyres were put into place to make a nice "race track" the playground really looked neat and inviting. We thought we would call the track a "Grant" Prix track where the kids could have "En-deering" races instead of enduring races :- )
After a good 4 hour slog our objective was reached - a large play area for the kids where they can enjoy a variety of activities on various equipment. The team effort reminded us of how wonderful it is going to be when Jesus returns and cleans up the world once and for all together with the saints.
The P2P team - Kempton Park  

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Preaching ........... using words

The July 09 Kempton Park P2P group ( also knows as the gorgeous girls :-) )  supported our preaching effort in Pretoria Central that has been going on for the past four months now. It is great to have the help of brothers and sisters at these classes where we have 8 interested Congolese students. These students have immigrated to South Africa but some find it hard to find permanent employment. They are, however, very keen to learn about the Gospel message and are no longer going to their previous churches as they are becoming more and more convinced about the truth and the need to be baptized and form an ecclesia in Pretoria itself.
The group formed after Allan starting talking to Brother Damas who also lives in Pretoria. Allan then wanted to know more and brother Bill Jardine who visits Pretoria occasionally and has been doing a lot of preaching work (leaflet drops etc) there also got involved. Bro. Damas also spoke to a lovely young lady (Kiza) and she is one of the most committed students who comes to all the classes. With both brother Bill and myself (Lucas) involved the class no consisting of 8 students have been able to receive a lot of Bible studies. 
It has been particularly helpful for them to have attended the satellite meeting in Pretoria held at bro. Mickey Scheeper's house on the last Sunday of each month. God works in wondrous ways - especially in the way the volunteers who visit always play a part in enhancing the preaching. Bro. Bill and I stressed to the students that we are part of a world wide family. They fully appreciated this when on the Sunday at Pretoria sister Sarah Jones from the UK joined us. She grew up in France however and can speak French - she connected with the Congolese students very well as she could speak to them in their own language. the students have also been impressed by the willingness of quite a few volunteers that were more than willing to visit them and share studies with them. Kiza in particular has also been inspired by meeting sisters who have a faith based on a sound knowledge of and conviction in the Scriptures.
We remain thankful to all of you who continue to pray for us regading the work going on here in Gauteng and for the various other ways you have supported us. God is our eternal Fahter and it is wonderful to know that we can praise him eternally for the great works he has done and still will do, shluld we remain faithful, steadfast and abounding in the work of the Lord.
Loads of Jesus' love from the P2P team   

Saturday, July 18, 2009

P2P - Kempton Park - July 09 Day 5,6 - Youth Bible Study weekend!

Our holiday club ended on Friday afternoon at 13:00. We then headed of to a camp site near Benoni with 25 of the Sunday School children for a Bible Study weekend. Friday afternoon the children enjoyed a variety of games. After supper there was a Bible Class for the juniors and the seniors. Before bed time we were all treated to marshmallows "BQ'ed" over a huge bon fire. there was lots of singing as well. Saturday morning the children again had Bible classes after breakfast. The theme was on the parables of Jesus and the P2P group did great work in their preparation and making the lessons very interesting and interactive. At 3pm the camp broke up and we took 25 very enthusiastic kids back to their homes in Tembisa township. It was a great week with the P2P group and VERY rewarding to be able to make the week so different for a lot of people and to get to know each other so well.
We thank our Heavenly Father for enriching our lives SO much through these opportunities to serve those in need.
The P2P team in Kempton Park 

Friday, July 10, 2009

P2P - Kempton Park - July 09 Day 3,4 and 5 - HOLIDAY CLUB!

Wednesday to Friday was great fun ..... for the P2P team but more so for 36 kids who had a great time. The format for the holiday club works very well. The morning session is opened with songs, prayer and an object lesson from the Bible. Next follows a craft session. Children participate in a different activity every day and by Friday they had learnt how to bake, to make a doll (girls obviously! :-) ) , make wood models (boys) and fabric painting (each kid went home with their own custom made T-Shirt). After a scrumptious lunch it was time for games, more singing and a closing thought and prayer.
The joy and spontaneity of the children is wonderful and it is a privilege to provide them with a three day fun-but-educational program. We feel very blessed to have these opportunities to instill good Christian values in the children and provide them with something special during their holidays which usually goes by very uneventful in the townships.
Lots of joy and love from the P2P team here in KMP 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

P2P - Kempton Park July 09 - Day 2

It just takes a few people - lets say nine
Give them a common goal - lets say to show the compassion Jesus did and to make a difference for some who get by on precious little every day
Transformation then becomes inevitable - what was once a overgrown unfriendly unused piece of ground lying waste now is a living playground where children have fun, play and without knowing are improving their cognitive skills. 
It was a fantastic day for all of us to experience the joy of over 30 children as for the first time since February they could go outside their crèche and play outside! there was great excitement and laughter as the jungle gym equipment was quickly full of little ones. the teachers were also very grateful as it will give them at least two hours of peace a day as the kids get rid of their energy outside instead of being inside all day!
We also had the privilege of painting Mpule's (the head teacher of the crèche) room. She lives adjacent to the hall that is rented to function as the crèche during the week. Her room was really in a terrible state (wall being awfully dirty.) The new paint made a huge difference and makes the room a lot brighter, happier looking and it also looks bigger. Mapule was ever so happy with the end result.
We again praise God for the health and opportunity he has given us to reach out touch the lives of others in a way that will be beneficial and meaningful to them for a long time.
P2P - Changing Lives Become Life Changing  

Monday, July 6, 2009

P2P July 2009 - Kempton Park

Our P2P week had a very productive first day. Our team of 6 girls and 3 guys got off to a flying start and did some dirty hands on work that was most rewarding. Our goals of cleaning and clearing a large garden area at the Modimo Oteng Crèche so that some Jungle Gym equipment can be set up there was reached within an inspiring 3 hour work spell from the team. At present the 42 children at the crèche only play inside the hall and never go outside to play. We are looking forward to tomorrow when the Jungle Gym equipment will be delivered and we can see the children's excitement as they test out their new play ground.
The team also managed to replace the carpet in the crèche with a newer, bigger one. The container was also sorted out and now has all the toys and educational material neatly packed and easily accessible. There is even a mini library and a carpet in the container to encourage the little ones to read.
A busy week lies ahead but we are looking forward to do some more maintenance and upgrading at the crèche and also to running a holiday club for the older children from Wednesday to Friday as well as a bible study weekend camp for some young people in Tembisa that never get the opportunity to go on such camps.
More on the week to follow later
The July 09 P2P team.