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Your life altering journey from Torquay (UK) to South Africa

Thumbnail Ask nearly every person (or read the blog posts) who has been involved in P2P preaching and they will tell you it has been a life altering experience. Not only have they touched for ever the lives of others, but they have seen and experienced why God asks us to preach - so that our lives will be forever changed. From the eyes of child who looks lovingly up to you as you share God's message, to the face of a young person which glows with excitement, to the words of an elder who says "If I had a thousand tongues I could not thank you enough"...this is life changing, So, if you're in the UK, and you want to be a part of this then read on.....

ThumbnailPrepared to Preach (P2P) is a program that prepares you to become involved in preaching. It is a unique opportunity designed specifically to support you in your preparation for a targeted preaching trip. P2P training events happen all around the world, and the latest one is happening soon in the UK:

13 - 21 September 2008 (Torquay, Devon)

P2P UK is a week long training course designed to prepare you to preach in South Africa at Easter 2009 and beyond.

It is aimed primarily at young people, but age will not exclude you....there are currently P2P volunteers in  South Africa in their 70s!
Its aims are twofold:

1.    Firstly that those involved will be affected personally, that the experience of the power of the word of God in their lives and in the lives of others will lead to an increased commitment to preach in many and various ways. And ...
2.    secondly, that more people will be given the opportunity to hear the word of God and to respond.

ThumbnailCourse leaders: Adam Byrnes (Sydney, Aust.); John Pople (San Francisco, US); Tim Genders (Durban, SA); and Noel Greenwood (Bishops Stortford, UK).

Following on from this P2P UK training week is an organised mission trip to South Africa during Easter 2009:

4 - 19 April (Easter) 2009 (South Africa)
This is an opportunity to be involved with the 2010 preaching work that is going on in South Africa and to be thoroughly prepared before you go (by attending the Torquay training course mentioned above).

The work in South Africa is varied and requires a whole range of skills, it involves working with children and adults and P2P will identify where you can be most helpful and prepare you for it.

ThumbnailFor more info and booking forms, please see the P2P UK website:

P2P focuses on “casting the net on the other side”. Bringing the Good News to the blind, the lame, the destitute of the highways and byways of society ... for it is here that a great harvest awaits us.

Prepare to preach. :-)

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