Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tales from the Townships - Lamontville goes to Westville

Younger children who live in poor black townships don't often have the opportunity of leaving their townships at nigh....especially with an old white man whom their parents had never met until they gave him permission to drive away with their daughters!
Why would parents take such a "risk"? All because the South African preaching project is based upon an important Bible principle of "Touch and Teach". Help people in a practical way, and they will believe in your sincerity, listen to what you have to say and trust you. What did James say? You can't say "Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled". We have an obligation to help when we see a need. Remember the Good Samaritan?

Although I had never met the paretns of these seven young ladies, the children had been coming to the Reading/Writing/Bible Study class I take in Lamontville for several weeks. The Westville Sunday School pupils were going to have an evening of Bible quizzes, games and food. It was an ideal opportunity for the young ones attending our Lamontville classes and Youth Group to meet with our Westville Sunday School children for the first time.

Three days before the event, I went to ask parental permission to take the girls. The first thing the parents said was "thank you for helping our children with their schooling". The next was "What time will you be bringing them home on Friday evening?" No problem getting permission to take them!
It was a great occasion. The Lamontville girls fitted in beautifully, being made welcome by our Westville Sunday School children. After consuming three pieces of pizza each (food can be short in the townships) they chatted animatedly in Zulu all the way home. They later received photographs of the evening which they all cherish. We hope to arrange more "get-togethers" so that our youngsters from the townships can feel part of a larger, loving family.

Does "Touch and Teach" work as a principle? It certainly does!

David White

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