Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lamontville creche reading program graduation 5/12/08

Twelve girls, age 7-12, gave a display of their reading abilities to our small group of 8 onlookers. Many more children had participated in the reading program - perhaps the end of the school term caused the rest to be elsewhere for the day.

Brother David White introduced the program, observing the tremendous progress the students had made. Most were three years behind their age level at the start of the term, and by the end they had closed much of the gap.

Sister Christy Beyers has been leading the group, assisted by Sister Hyacinth Harvey (a volunteer from Jamaica), with help from Bro David, who is a retired school teacher. Christy and David called the student up one by one. Each read a selection from one of their favorite books, and then was presented with their well-deserved certificates.

The audience included two parents, Hyacinth, Bro Tom Ryder from the UK, and Bro Paul & Sis Jane Zilmer from the USA.

Congratulations, girls! Well done!

Sis Jane Zilmer, USA

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Margaret Davies said...

We thank our Heavenly Father for all your efforts with these children in this area of need. May God continue to bless these programmes.

Love in our Lord,
Bro. Don and Sis. Margaret Davies
Picton Ecclesia, Ontario, Canada