Saturday, August 22, 2009

New horizons opening and old friends returning

Another great week of preaching and community outreach work here in Kempton Park.
The lunch time Bible Classes continued to pick up momentum from last week. Tuesday 7 students turned up and on Thursday 14 students came for Bible class. Questions on life after death, hell, baptism and faith were covered. On both day the classes went on for over 2 hours. It was very rewarding to welcome back three of the students who were "regulars" a year ago, then moved away for various reasons but now are coming to the classes again. 
Leona started the first of what is to become a long series of the 7 week crèche courses. The Tembisa town council has been quite keen for her to give these classes to about 354 ladies to get the standard of crèche care raised in Tembisa where there are a lot of informal crèche's that are in reality only baby sitting facilities where the children get little if any pre-school education or proper nutrition. Considering that these ladies will be caring for 20 and more children each the impact of the crèche course can be huge. The council is also considering to make the course the standard for all crèche training in the future. They are particularly happy that we are the only people they could find thus far that is willing to take the course into Tembisa, to the people, at a low cost and as such enabling a large number of crèche "teachers" to attend the course. Seeing the difference proper training makes for the children (as at the Modimo Oteng Crèche) makes us very exited about this opportunity that has been opened up to us. We look forward to also show them the love of Jesus through our interaction with them.
Sunday we were delighted to see 19 children and the Tembisa Sunday School again after the somewhat extended holiday break. The senior class was very rewarding when we discussed "praying in tongues" as a subject with 4 of the senior children. It has been a problem for some of them and they were delighted to explore the Bible and get answers from the Scriptures.
With love from the 2010 team here in Kempton Park.

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