Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wow, so much has happened in the past couple of weeks!

Let’s start at the beginning.


There was encouraging news from Pietermaritzburg that they wanted to get involved with the 2010 activities. So we sent a team down to do a praise and worship morning – following the same formula as Margate. On the Friday, we went up to hand out leaflets in the mall with Bill, Justice and Zai. We had a good response and promised to go to the Grange – the local township – to pick people up the following morning.
Saturday morning was a success and the hall was the perfect setting for the audience of around 35 people!


We love Candu! So we arrived in Candu unannounced late on Saturday night!! Oops.
No worries though. Templeton and family gave us a really warm welcome and put us straight to work the following morning. People were picked up from literally miles around for the meeting and Mat gave an exhortation to a full hall.
Then in the evening we went to have another breaking of bread with three sisters out in THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! It was such a brilliant evening! It was lovely to know that even in what feels like one of the most remote parts of the world we can come together to share fellowship with people who have the same faith and the same amazing hope as us.

There are some crazy life stories in that place!
We stayed for a few days and were kept busy helping out with the crèche and fixing a hose from one of the water tanks so Templeton could water his vegetable patch! It was so good to be there to spend time with Templeton and his family…especially his son Siyanda who spoke to us about his plans for baptism!


Mariannhill Gospel Choir concert has been a highlight of this past week. The 2010 team came together with members of the Mariannhill ecclesia to spread the word of the concert. Led by the amazingly enthusiastic choirmaster, Mdu, the choir put on a brilliant show to an audience of 90 adults and around the same number of children.
The Centre was buzzing with energy! Everyone felt that the concert was a huge success and we have high hopes that now people know we are there it will increasingly become a central focus for the local residents as we open it up as a community centre.

Workshop Concert

Phew. So we’ve finally reached yesterday. We booked out the Workshop – an open air space in town by a busy shopping centre and market. We all headed down there for the afternoon to sing songs and hand out leaflets. It’s the perfect place to advertise the BEC, being only a two minute walk away. It was definitely worthwhile, we got some good audience participation in ‘Walk in the light’ and about 7 people signed up for the God’s Master Plan course!

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