Tuesday, June 15, 2010

P2P 2 PE - (P2P To Port Elizabeth)/ (P2P to Preach Eternity)

We (Hendri, Christy, Mat and I) had the great opportunity to spend 3 weeks in Port Elizabeth There we met a lot of wonderful Brothers and Sisters. We were in East London for a weekend and got the Gods Master Plan correspondence course started there. In Port Elizabeth we worked at the BEC where we repainted the inside of the BEC and the guys waterproofed the roof. We bought new stock and signed up over 100 people for the Correspondence course. We held an open day and got balloons and voovoozelas to attract people to the BEC. As you can see Hendri busy blowing as loud as he can..

We had a couple of praise evenings with the youth there in PE and had loads of fun singing with them and getting to know them better…We also had an open day for the Sunday school and had 15 children coming and taught them of the good Samaritan and sang songs with them in the very windy weather..As you can see in the photo they all wanted the balloons - it attracted quite a lot of their attention..

Christy and I attended 2 Sisters classes where we gave the classes and got to know the sisters better. Also handed out over 8000 leaflets for the open day at the Sunday school and for a Talk Zwelaki gave in Kwadwesi, and another 3000 were given out in Uitenhage to try create awareness there of the Christadelphians and the courses we give.

We had an amazing 3 weeks in Port Elizabeth and God willing will be able to go back soon.

With love in Jesus
Liezl Scheepers

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