Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Margate Learning Centre goes electronic!

We have been running an after school club once a week from the Margate Good News Centre for about 4 weeks, offering English, Maths and Biology support, but we could really see a need for computer access - about 2 in the group of 30 had either used a computer once or twice, or never.  These kids were going to be graduating high school, competing with the rest of the nation's school leavers, for higher education and jobs!

After submitting a proposal (aka a very good Spirit-guided idea, we prayed) to the Trustees at COPT we were blessed to be able to purchase 11 notebook computers to be able to offer after-school and adult computer skills at the centre, alongside the other subjects.

We collected the machines on Tuesday, Ben worked through the night (almost) to get them synched and ready to go; we were also very mindful of security issues so we had set up a safe and individual locks, it was quite complicated and then, Wednesday 4pm - LIVE!  Thanks to God we had 17 kids turn up, (we had 18 spaces that day) so no one was turned away.  The kids were very respectful and it was lovely to see their eyes widen as letters shrank and grew, font styles changed etc with the touch of a button!  Ben asked them to just 'play' with the text editor to find their way around, and many of them started writing us thank you letters!  

We pray this work will really give these children a better chance in life, but more importantly a relationship with us and the other events at the Good News Centre, so that they may grow in a greater Wisdom eventually.

Caz Parsons
COPT Margate

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