Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Saturday morning Bible Club at the Tswelopele Community Center

Saturday morning Bible Club has been very popular at the Tswelopele community center. So far three of these clubs have been held and between 45 and 74 children have turned up to learn about the Bible in a fun way. The group is divided into a young, junior and senior group and three teachers usually have their hands full in teaching energetic children who want to learn. This Saturday past the theme was the sower and the seed.

The children were taught about the parable of the sower and how the seed represented the Word of God. Each group also got an activity to do which related to the lesson. they then took home their creative work which would serve as a reminder to them through the week ahead of what they learnt. After the class time of an hour it was time for refreshments (oranges and cool drinks) and then some games were played. Before leaving for home they each also received some sweets.
Judging by the smiling faces and enjoyment they had we are sure that we will see them again in two weeks time.
With abiding love in Jesus
Kempton Park Ignite 2020 team.

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