Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Distribution Channel becoming a very effective project.

We are privileged to hand out over 150 food parcels every month. This is as a result of the generous contributions of one company and the Christadelphian UK Meal a Day fund who have enabled us to make the food parcel distribution a sustainable monthly project. The parcels are handed out to 50 children at a school, various needy people in an informal settlement in Tembisa, a group of children called the KINOS (Kids In Need Of Support) group, an home of safety, a feeding scheme that provides food for 70 street children.

The purchasing of the food in bulk, making up of the food parcels, and distributing of the parcels has now become a fun, streamlined and well organized project that brings joy to us and the recipients of the parcels. We are thankful to be able to do this rewarding work. It has enabled us to build relationships and some of the people are also now participating in our Bible correspondence course. We include some Bible literature, crosswords etc in the parcels from time to time. It is a humbling experience to see the severe need of some of the people but also how long (two weeks) a parcel can sustain them when we have so much and are hardly ever in need of anything.

We are hoping to and praying for a facility that can function as a small warehouse so that we can take our DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL project to a higher, more effective and bigger level.

With abiding love in Jesus
Kempton Park Ignite2020 team.


Saturday morning Bible Club at the Tswelopele Community Center

Saturday morning Bible Club has been very popular at the Tswelopele community center. So far three of these clubs have been held and between 45 and 74 children have turned up to learn about the Bible in a fun way. The group is divided into a young, junior and senior group and three teachers usually have their hands full in teaching energetic children who want to learn. This Saturday past the theme was the sower and the seed.

The children were taught about the parable of the sower and how the seed represented the Word of God. Each group also got an activity to do which related to the lesson. they then took home their creative work which would serve as a reminder to them through the week ahead of what they learnt. After the class time of an hour it was time for refreshments (oranges and cool drinks) and then some games were played. Before leaving for home they each also received some sweets.
Judging by the smiling faces and enjoyment they had we are sure that we will see them again in two weeks time.
With abiding love in Jesus
Kempton Park Ignite 2020 team.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Launch of the Tswelopele Community Center

Thursday the 11th of August saw the launch of the Tsewlopele Community center in Delmore Gardens. The community center was again a partnership project for Altech Autopage and the COP Trust. The project followed the same model as the Aphiwe community center launched in Tembisa over a year ago. A House was purchased and modified to serve as a center where Bible and other types of education would be provided for the community.

"Tswelopele" is the Sotho word for "PROGRESS" and we believe the center will indeed live up to its name. We chose the location for the center because of preaching related work we started doing at a pre-school two blocks away from where the center is now established. A lady in the community needed help with Bible classes she was running on Saturday mornings for the young children in the area. Bro. Jonathan and sister Megan Sabo from the USA cemented the Saturday Bible Club into regular events and provided the children with great Bible lessons and fun activities. After they left Lilandi and Michael continued with the work and took ownership of the community project. It was great to see the house being modified and turning out into a great facility to serve our purposes.

Plans are to provide a weekly Bible class as well as the Read your Bible Effectively seminar there as soon as possible. The response to the Saturday Bible Club has been overwhelming. The first Saturday at the new center saw 70 children turn up for Bible Club. A week ago 74 children turned up. They are split up into three classes ( very young, junior and senior) and three teachers have their hands full but the children learn a great deal about God, Jesus and the Gospel. The community center is located in a small suburb that is again located in between two large informal settlements. We foresee that the CUDDLE project will also be very popular once it is started. This will in turn again open up lots of possibilities for preaching the Gospel to the communities in the surrounding areas.

We praise God for enabling us to serve Him and Jesus in this way.

With abiding love in Jesus
Ignite2020 team in KMP