Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sister's class grows as a result of outreach work.

One of the biggest privileges we as sisters in Christ have is the added opportunity to meet together one morning a week.  Because we take turns to present the class it means that we now really have to find the time to actually do a Bible Study (sadly something we as sisters often neglect to do – either using the excuse that it is only Brethren who can lead Bible classes; or that we are too busy with children, housework, and just running to-and-fro to keep a household afloat).  It is also a time where we can learn how to present and share a study in a relaxed and safe environment - which just gives us that added confidence when we talk to an interested friend about the wonderful hope we share.  With our outreach work (especially amongst women and children) our sisters’ classes have proved to be a great follow-on  “event”  to invite interested friends and new members to Christ’s family.   

This especially was emphasized at a recent class Sister Lauren Ghent (Canada) led on Zelophehad’s 5 daughters and the respect they had, and value they placed, on God’s promises and the importance of future inheritance.  How much more then should we, as heirs of the promises, also want to share, trust and believe God’s promises and strive to be part of that future inheritance?

Our Sisters class have given women whose first language is not English the opportunity to learn and understand English, and to practice speaking English; a sister who stutters now has confidence to speak in public; sisters who have much knowledge and wisdom have an opportunity to share and lead classes; and it blesses us all to have a quiet 2 hours around God’s Word – giving us guidance, strength and emotive support as we strive to be better daughters, wives, grans and Sisters in the Ecclesia.

We truly feel that at our sisters classes we are living out Galations 3:28. For there is “neither Jew nor Gentile; slave nor free; male nor female” (and dare I add “young (7 months) nor old (87 years)” ) exempt from our classes.

Naturally we always follow a class with delicious tea-time treats – from apple pie, onion quiche, ginger bread, tuna pie, a variety of home-made biscuits – just to name a few..

Sister Leona Scheepers
Kempton Park (South Africa)

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