Friday, April 11, 2014

Youth Leadership Gathering.

I know when I was at school I used to really look forward to the holidays - after all, what's not to enjoy about sleeping late, pigging out on snacks, spending hours outdoors in a lush garden, and just generally doing fun stuff like arts/crafts/playing electronic games.

The KINOS Kids however, dread holidays. They do not have such luxuries as gardens; snacks; would far rather be with their friends at school than a very long walk away from those with whom they enjoy spending time. So after our youth camp in December they have been begging us for more camps during the holidays- but camps are simply too expensive.
We were thus faced with two challenges:
Challenge #1 - how do we make their holidays fun?
Challenge #2 - finding a cheaper alternative to "camps"
We then developed the idea of hosting shorter "gatherings" of just two or three days - at the Adieu Center. The big benefit of hosting it at the Adieu Center is that we cut out the cost of both accommodation; transport, so our only expense is food. (Which by God's grace we were able to provide using Many Seeds Ministries funds) The one "con" is that space is limited but we used that to our advantage in that the event became almost a "reward" for those invited.
 Here follows a photo timeline of our first, very successful, Youth Leadership Gathering at the Adieu Center:

The lessons were focused around learning to research, prepare and present an oral presentation - be it a speech for school or bible class. Michael & Lilandi Furstenburg led the various classes. 
The one "tool" we shared was how to use mind-maps - here is the collaborative one we did on the days of creation.

The kids had to then make up a mind-map about themselves which takes quite a bit of introspection. Although we promised that these would remain private they granted us great insight into each teens' level of self-worth & in some ways their level of maturity as well.

Getting going on their "Me" mind-maps.

Table tennis proved to be a big hit during the breaks. Here Tumi and Ronald are challenging each other.
Having fun around a game of cards.
We were blessed with two sunny days midst a week of rain - which made such fun action shots possible! 
Always eager to help out - the kids made short work of packing 250 food parcels.
Making up smaller tea packets for the food parcels - the most delicate & time-consuming part of the process.
Taffi - the youngest attendee (12 years old) takes some time to work on his speech re his favorite bible character. 
During the afternoon Liezl Viljoen also taught us all two Hebrew Group Dances - you can view the videos on the Ignite2020 Facebook Page.
At the end of a jam-packed day we built a big bonfire, drank hot chocolate & roasted marshmallows.
Karabo (the smallest but not youngest) attendee really enjoying her marshmallows!
We kicked off the second day with an epic game of "Bible Walk" which is something like a biblical "Trivial Pursuit". We made it a bit easier by allowing each team 20 seconds to find the reference pertaining to the question if they didn't know the answer. We were pleasantly surprised by their general bible knowledge as well as by how quickly they could find the references!
Here you can see the "Bible Walk" board.
During the second afternoon each attendee presented a speech about their favorite Bible character. Here Sabelo is sharing his about David. The kids chose a variety of different characters, such as Noah, Daniel, Esther & Moses. We will be sharing the video clips of their speeches on the Ignite2020 Facebook Page as well.
"Group Photo" minus Bro Ronald who had to leave early on the second day. 
At the close of the gathering the kids unanimously voted that we should have more such events; and since it proved to be such a successful venture we will God Willing be planning a gathering during each of the upcoming school holidays this year.
With love in Christ
Michael & Lilandi Furstenburg


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