Friday, March 7, 2008

KMPBEC - 7 March 2008

This week at the KMPBEC turned out to be a real “preparation” week. We met with the builders who did such a great job at the Lamontville crèche, and had a look at the land we are hoping to get on a lease basis from the government. The land has great potential and it would be a wonderful privilege to be able to build the first phase of a managed foster village by God’s grace.


Advertising for the new round of Lunch Time Bible Classes to start next week Monday, God willing, was also done by way of over 250 sms notifications going out to students and a poster at the BEC itself. We will “tackle” the book of Revelation and hope to get quite a few interested students.


Peter :Lamplough “stumbled” across our shop on Thursday and gave us very positive comments on the shop. Always great to have some unexpected visitors.


Our stock of Bibles also got a boost as we found some new Bibles on sale at one of our suppliers.





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