Saturday, March 1, 2008


This week we saw Bro. Kyle Clopton return to the USA after a good two months worth of 2010 work here in SA. Thanks a stack Kyle for all your effort. We received the good news that the council supports our proposal to build and establish a managed foster home village. Our meeting with the city manager went well and now it is just a matter of the legal documents being finalise so that we can lease the land near the Ubuhle Bezwe orphanage and start building! Our prayers will be that God will continue to open doors for us as He has done so wonderfully in the recent past and that the process will not take to long.


Saturday 1 March was our Bible Truth Study day at the KMPBEC and three students attended. We discussed the topics of Tithing as well as the main reasons for going to church on a Sunday. During the class there was a power cut but we managed to still have a 2.5 hour class in the shop itself where there was still some daylight available.


Your brother by grace


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