Sunday, June 1, 2008

Good News - Baked Beans & Spaghetti

Lamontville Good News centre has been very busy this week.  On Sunday the weekly meeting was held. There was quite a crowd, approximately 6 of Marcus’ WhizzKids Youth attended and enthusiastically joined in with the praise and discussion that morning.
The Sunday school had 23 children with age ranges of 3-10 and we did the lesson of Creation and Adam and Eve. After this we went on our weekly walk around the community, distributing the weeks “Good News” - baked beans and Spaghetti.

During the week the crèche routine and program were in full swing. The children are now learning the first couple of letters of the alphabet and are often heard singing the songs for each letter that we teach them, during their play time.

The children’s English is coming along great and there are often a few laughs as the children try and teach us volunteers (Jay and Amy) the Zulu language.

An interest of the children at the moment is gardens, such as digging, finding natural items and discussing them with the carer - especially flowers and leaves. Based on this interest we are staring a small garden with a few vegetables and flowers, encouraging the children to help plant and watch them grow.

Another use for the centre this week was for Marcus to run a course on HIV training and counselling in the Lamontville crèche. This was attended by 22 enthusiastic people of  all ages.

Amy McClure

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