Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Marianhill Ecclesia has a new home

We have by God’s grace become the owners of a house in Mariannhill as a venue for the ecclesia. It is a lovely plot overlooking verdant meadows and on the other side of the valley is the Catholic monastery.
Some things in Africa can be a lot quicker than elsewhere in the world. This property was bought and previous owners moved out within about 3 weeks. It had to be formalised through a ceremony of drinking beer together with the seller and elders of the community all in attendance. The lot fell on Dan Egginton and I to engage in this on Saturday evening. The next challenge was to find a place for the previous owners Zazi and Bongi to live.

I thought I had secured a flat for them to stay in whilst they used our purchase money to renovate a house they had inherited. So the next day we carted them and all their possessions off to their new house.

ThumbnailThings then started going wrong when the landlord said they could only move in at 6pm rather than the original promise of 1pm. We off-loaded all the furniture in the park nearby and decided to wait it out. Things got worse when at 5:30 pm the landlord decided that they could only move in the next day, once a lease had been signed and the minimum period was 6 months. Things got even worse when at 6pm, it was dark, lightening and thunder started, and a drop of rain fell on my head.    

My prayer was that God would change the heart of the landlord. The rain was about to pour down all over the furniture. God didn’t change the heart of the landlord but he did stop the rain. All around us it poured down but where we were it stayed dry.
We managed to get the furniture back to our garage at home where it was secure and dry. We have housed at our home Zazi and Bongi whilst they set up their home. They have decided that on Wednesday they are coming with us to Bible class. The Lord moves in amazing ways with many other things to achieve than we see at the time. Mariannhill ecclesia now has a venue.

ThumbnailThe cost of the land was R98,000. The cost of a wooded structure to be used as the ecclesial hall will be about R85,000. We are appealing to anyone who would like to help us by donating to this and assist the Mariannhill ecclesia.

Please email for more information.

Bro. Tim Genders

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