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Afrikhono is now online!

Afrikhono is now online! To check out the ways you can support your brothers and sisters in South Africa by ordering their handmade creations, go to


“Ikhono” is the Zulu word for skills. There are many brothers and sisters living in South Africa who are out of work and live in circumstances of great need and poverty. To help our family in Christ earn a living whilst keeping their dignity, we have started Afrikhono.

Afrikhono is a COP Trust initiative and part of the 2010x2010 preaching campaign. Afrikhono works with brothers and sisters in disadvantaged South African communities to develop their skills, their ikhono, and help them reach their potential. Afrikhono aims to assist these individuals establish and maintain a sustainable means of employment and income so that they can support their families.

Afrikhono involves brethren, sisters and youth in disadvantaged communities creating a variety of hand-crafted, beautiful, African flavoured items and the COP Trust then selling these to various individuals and organisations. For production efficiency reasons, it is intended that these items be purchased in bulk and on-sold by the purchaser in order to cover the initial cost of the purchase.

Afrikhono has commenced with one project, Project Greeting Card, and it our hope to expand to other types of projects such as beading or sewing as the initiative develops. Project Greeting Card involves handmade greeting cards with African flavoured beading and artwork being designed and created by individuals in local South African communities. These cards are sold by the COP Trust to create sustainable employment for our brothers and sisters.


The entire income generated from the sale of these items goes towards benefiting the brothers, sisters and ecclesial communities of South Africa; there are no fees taken out by the COP Trust for administration of the initiative.

The income received from the sale of these cards goes both directly to the brothers and sisters making the cards and also into a fund for use exclusively for meeting welfare needs in the very ecclesial community which generated the income. These needs are met through initiatives such as feeding schemes, provision of education, transportation to meetings and medical treatment. As such, it is anticipated that with God’s blessing, this initiative could become a real support to the growing ecclesial community by providing a sustainable means of nurturing our family in Christ.

Afrikhono was first implemented by 2010 volunteers at the end of 2008 when it was trialled in the rural and quickly growing ecclesial community of Mariannhill in KwaZulu Natal. This initiative is now based at Mariannhill Good News Centre as part of the operations of this skills centre. Afrikhono has also recently been implemented with individuals from the Durban ecclesia. The initiative currently supports 27 brothers, sisters and youth from these two South African ecclesias

The Afrikhono volunteers will continue to work with local brothers and sisters throughout the country and involve as many as possible in this scheme to uplift, develop and sustain our family in Christ who desperately need our support.


The success of Project Greeting Card in helping our ever-growing number of brethren and sisters in South Africa with welfare issues will rely completely on the love and generosity of their brothers and sisters overseas.

Firstly, you can support Afrikhono by purchasing these beautiful, handmade cards when you see them for sale or by encouraging other individuals or ecclesias to do so. Each set of 5 cards contains 5 different card designs in keeping with a specific design thread (African Life, birthday etc). The cards are packaged in clear plastic packets, each card with an envelope. Each set of cards also comes with an insert at the back of the plastic packet which gives a short life story of the person who has made the cards and a message from them as to how they will benefit from your support in buying their creation.

The first way you can help is by buying a set of these beautiful hand-made African cards—your purchase will go towards feeding and supporting the family of a brother or sister in South Africa (information about the person you are helping is included in the set of cards)

The second and most sustainable way you can help the project is to either commit yourself to buying a batch of cards or helping your ecclesia to participate by purchasing a batch of cards (perhaps even on a regular basis). These cards can be on-sold to recoup the original cost of purchase. A “batch” of cards consists of 40 sets containing 5 cards each (a total of 200 cards). The cost of these cards is USD320, AUD470 or GBP220 (this may vary as the USD moves) and cards can be ordered and paid for online at - go to “orders”.

To support Afrikhono and make a lasting difference in the lives of your brothers and sisters in South Africa, please speak to a representative, go to our website or email the Afrikhono team at

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