Thursday, May 7, 2009

Missionary Appeal for Margate (South Africa)

The Margate ecclesia is situated on the lower South Coast of KwaZulu– Natal, South Africa. The ecclesia, consisting of five members, has embraced the goals of the 2010 project.

During 2008, as part of the 2010 initiative, two of the members, Brother Nelson and Sister Cecilia Msani and their family, moved into a small cottage attached to the ecclesial hall. In April 2008 a crèche was opened as a means of community outreach and to generate income for the Msani family. Currently ( April 2009 ) there are 10 children registered at the crèche. The crèche is situated within the ecclesial hall.

Also attached to the hall is a small Bible Education Centre from which Brother Nelson runs Bible Correspondence courses.

Brother Nelson has also opened a Sunday School.

Much of these ventures were very new for Nelson and Cecilia and we were blessed in having various brothers and sisters come to Margate at various times during 2008 to help them in the running and development of the crèche, BEC and Sunday school.

What has become apparent during this time is that Nelson and Cecilia need ongoing help on a daily basis. So we are putting out an appeal for a full time missionary couple to come and help in Margate. The couple would need to commit to a period of at least six months full time service. Their role would be to work closely with Nelson and Cecilia on a daily basis to promote the Good News of the Kingdom of God. This would involve helping :

· Nelson conduct and administer Bible correspondence courses
· run Bible seminars
· Nelson with the development of Bible talks
· Nelson to become computer literate
· Cecilia with the crèche children and establishing ongoing links with the crèche parents
· with the Sunday School
· Nelson and Cecilia’s children to grow in the ways of God
· the ecclesia with Bible classes and exhortations

The volunteer couple would also need to have their own accommodation and transport. Very adequate rented accommodation is available near the hall at around R3000 - R 4000 per month.

If you are interested please contact Brother Lucas Scheepers at:

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