Friday, October 8, 2010

Unique event at the International Family Bible Conference

Our International Family Bible Conference was fantastic and unique in many ways. For the first time we had an outreach project as part of our Bible week! It was absolutely amazing to see over 150 brethren, sisters and children turn up on two consecutive afternoons to come and help with the huge amount of work that awaited us all! Everybody was keen to help with whatever task was handed them and the fellowship and bonding was wonderful to experience. It was great to see how people with a common goal of doing good got along so seamlessly whilst having good conversations and getting to know each other. The two afternoons turned out to be great fun and a huge "get to know each other" success event.

We were all pleased to see the end result and the staff of the crèche were over the moon with their "new" re-vamped crèche. It made our hearts glad and thankful that God and Jesus brought us together in this way to show their love to the people who were literally our "neighbors" for the duration of the Bible Conference. A HUGE thanks to all who gave of their time and goods so generously.

Hopefully some before and after photos below will give you some idea of the transformation that took place after only 10 hours of work!

Lucas and Leona Scheepers

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