Thursday, October 7, 2010

P2P Sept 2010 - Gauteng - home stretch!

Thursday 23

After out ten minute meditation the whole team went straight to Yolannde's place and it was great joy for all when the brand new jungle gym was delivered. The kids laughter, smiles and delight with the jungle gym was fantastic to experience.
The woman then made their way back to the Aphiwe centre for the final day of the Thursday Crèche course. A lot of the woman came in their traditional dress and there was a fantastic atmosphere when the photos were taken and they sang a prayer to close the last session. Further work at Yolande and Grace's pre-schools were done by the men. After lunch another very successful Bible class, led by brother Steve Egginton Ray followed. There were 6 students and quite a few questions were fielded and answered - the class lasted for over two hours! Bro, Steve and sister Donna-May followed with a basic car maintenance life skill class while Liezl and Richard helped at the KIOSK BEC.

After a quick supper the team headed of the Bro. Itayi Mutseka's house for the Thursday night HIP (highly Interactive and Participatory) Bible class. We all got back home quite late but inspired by the event of the day and the good spiritual food and fellowship at the Bible class

Friday 24

As usual the ten minute meditation made us mindful of the privilege we have of serving God and our need for his guidance and strength each day, The Friday crèche course was also full of emotion as it was the last day and the ladies attending have become a close knit group during the past 6 weeks. It was our last day to finish off all maintenance work at the different crèches and those who were not busy with the crèche course pulled out all the stops with work. A patch of grass was put down underneath the jungle gym at Yolande's place to make it safer for the children. The end result looked very neat. In the afternoon sister Julie and Samantha gave the last life skill course on card making and those who attended enjoyed it thoroughly. During the card making course the rest of the team tackled the Aphiwe center and mowed the lawn, tidied up the garden and picked up all the litter. The centre looked squeaky clean again!   

A superb evening followed with supper at Moyo's restaurant. "Moyo's" means heart and the team more than deserved the "spoil" for putting their hearts into all the work for the two weeks past. It was a great night enjoyed by everyone in an African atmosphere. The food was delicious and the fellowship greatly enhanced. 

Saturday 25

Sadly our last day dawned. The brethren gave a two hour Bible Seminar at the Aphiwe centre and the 10 students that attended covered a lot of ground on various aspects of the Gospel. After lunch the team visited the Voortrekker Museum in Pretoria. During supper we all reflected on the fantastic memories we will carry with us for ever and how God had changed us all in two weeks. After supper everybody started preparing and packing for traveling to the Bible Conference the next day. 

We thank God for all that He has done through us and that we have had the privilege to be his instruments in Tembisa and Kempton Park. It has been an amazing campaign where we have gained new friends, brethren and sisters and where our love for each other has grown. We have also been blessed in seeing the happiness in the eyes of so many children and people in the Township and the great reward of hearing them praising God for all the goodness that He has showered upon them.

With grateful hearts

The P2P team - Gauteng

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