Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kempton Park Ecclesia - Container class room

Christy, Hendri and myself (liezl) decided to spend a Saturday at our Ecclesial hall to upgrade the container that the Youth use as a classroom and sometimes the SMAC (Sunday morning adult class) is held in there too.  The ceilings paint was tearing off and the containers walls were dirty and looked very run down. The floor was just cold metal so you couldn't really sit anywhere as there are no chairs all the time. The outside of the container was also just plain and didn't look very inviting...

So we decided to do the following. We took all the unwanted boards and wood off of the walls, scraped the ceiling, washed the walls and repainted them, repainted the window frames and painted verses on the walls. We decided to make a reading corner where Hendri put up a book shelf and we put in a carpet for the children to sit on while reading.  Painted on a notice board where they can stick up all upcoming events, and Christy painted a graffiti mural on the outside. We hope that this will bring the youth together and let them bring along their friends.   
- Liezl Scheepers (Kempton Park ignite2020 team)
Love the Lord your God.

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