Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our God is an awesome God

Meet Molly

Molly is a single mother with three children. She lives in Tembisa and attended the first crèche course that was run by the CUDDLE project. She is a lovely lady with a wonderful disposition. Because of a broken marriage that arose for reasons beyond her control she struggles to make ends meet by way of running a small crèche. She built the minute little room that serves as a class room herself out of second hand throw away materials. After the crèche course we started to help Molly and replaced the roof of her little crèche. The class room remained inadequate however and she did not get the numbers in term of school children she needed to make the crèche viable.
When the Aphiwe community centre opened Mollie started attending the Bible classes on Wednesday nights. On Wednesday night the 31st of March Molly approached Leona and asked for advice as she wanted to try and obtain a loan from the bank to build a double garage to increase her crèche space. She had no regular monthly income at that time and Leona advised her not to get into debt and explained the potential pitfalls involved. Molly understood this and they decided to rather pray together and continue praying to God to give her a solution to her problems. The VERY next day (Thursday 1st April) I received a phone call from the Bright Kids foundation informing me that they found us via the COP Trust website and that they had a donor who wanted to donate a 12m x 3m EDUTAINER to someone bone fide that they wanted us to identify for them. Needless to say, we were in awe as to how quick God did answer our prayers. In the month that followed Leona and I accompanied the donor and the Bright Kids foundation representative to Molly's place on three occasions for them to investigate if she would be the suitable candidate for their criteria. We continued to pray fervently that Mollie would be the one out of three candidates to receive the Edutainer. 
Our joy was HUGE when we received the news in October that Molly was chosen to receive the EDUTAINER and that it would be delivered in December. Yesterday was the big day and what a day of joy and excitement it was! When the container arrived all the little kids shouted for joy and Molly broke down in tears. She found it hard to believe at first that she was receiving a fully fitted and brand new classroom that was three times the size of the one she had. She continued to thank God throughout the delivery process and after the initial tears could not stop laughing and cheering. Her life has been changed. She will no be able to attract more children, give them a better quality education and make the crèche a feasible income earning venture. God made our and her dreams come true. Something amazing happened in Tembisa yesterday and it was such an amazing privilege to be part of it. 
With God all things are possible and we are so thankful to have been the channel through which he worked this miracle - All praise to him and Jesus. 
The Ignite2020 team in KMP

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