Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A new door opens in Margate!

We have been blessed to be given a more permanent venue for reaching out to the youth of Gamalakhe township, just outside Margate.  This has come about through our ongoing relationship with the dynamic Mrs Zama Mbele and her community-based group, Indumiso.  The local councillor offered Zama sole use of a local hall in which to run something for the community, and she asked Ben & I to be closely involved in starting the scheme.  At an opening meeting we discussed various options including life skills for adolescents, Sunday School, counselling, exercise classes, after school support and a community cafĂ©, but at the moment we are only able to offer 2 evenings a week and so we have started a youth club and youth Bible study.  In only 2 weeks we have had a great response with over 30 kids at youth club this week!

It is a lovely opportunity to reach out to a whole new group and teach them about God's love and wisdom for their lives.  Funds and manpower are a little thin on the ground at the moment so please pray that we heed God's directions in this new venture and those we come in contact with will see his glory!

Ben &  Caz Parsons
Ignite 2020 Margate team

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