Friday, September 23, 2011

First sisters class in a SA Township

The touch and teach dimension that we have added to our preaching since the 2010 campaign is a long term approach to preaching. It means that we first build relationships and trust with people through the works of love we do because of our love for Jesus and God that compels us to do it without seeking any reward. We know from experience however that this will increase our opportunities to share the Gospel with people on a more natural basis. The more holistically we live the truth the more our good deeds will so shine before men that they will glorify and seek God. 

A great example of this is the latest development of the sisters class at the Aphiwe community center in the Tembisa township. In 2005 there was no preaching or outreach work activity in Tembisa. Since the building of the Aphiwe center (a Community Outreach Program Trust project) we have established a presence and a continual outreach to the community. The CUDDLE project that provided pre-school teachers with quality training is one example. 

From our interaction with the teachers and the building of relationships came a natural outflow of inviting these woman to the sisters class that sisters Leona, Liezl, Lilandi and Otillia presented. At first some of these ladies were provided transport to the classes that was held outside of the Township. As the numbers grew the class was held at the Aphiwe center every second week and an average of 4 ladies attended.

Last Wednesday (21st September) sisters Rachel Price and Mary Gaston visited from the UK and sister Rachel presented the sisters class. Ten ladies turned up and Rachel taught them about Elijah while Mary with her artistic talent added great value to the class  with illustrations on the white board.

Afterwards the ladies enjoyed refreshments and then stayed to help with the (SNUGGLES) project that involves the knitting together of crochet squares (crochet by sisters in the USA) to produce blankets for needy children in many of the child care centers. It is a great and fun time for enhancing relationships and in a sense we have come “full circle” as the outreach work in the beginning led to an interest in the Gospel message which again leads to the local population also doing outreach work amongst themselves.  

We praise God for the wonderful opportunities that abound but that He has made us aware of and helped us to make use of, to practically demonstrate truthful living and in so doing grow spiritually. We pray that our continued example and preaching will lead those who are seeking salvation to take on the saving name of Jesus our King.

The KMP Ignite2020 team.

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