Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baptism of Sangani Amane

Sunday 11 November was a beautiful day and the setting at Bro. Mickey's house was perfect for the baptism of sister Sangani Amane. Sangani is the wife of brother Ramazinni Amane. The two of them live an hour's drive outside of Pretoria and they attend the Pretoria Congolese meeting very faithfully every Sunday. It takes them an hours drive each Sunday in a taxi and then an hours drive back home. Sangani is a lovely sister and it was a privilege to see her search the scriptures and eventually becoming convinced that she wanted to commit her life to God by taking the first step of baptism.
The Congolese brethren and Sisters live in difficult circumstances but they are always very joyful on Sundays when they get together. This Sunday it was even more so as they witnessed the baptism of their new sister. We all have come to learn a lot from them in terms of being faithful in whatever circumstances we might find ourselves.
Your brother by grace

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