Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gr R Theme Workshop - Me & My Family

We started off 2013's CUDDLE related projects with a Gr R Theme Workshop on "Me & My Family". These workshops provide the teachers that attend with a full month's worth of lesson plans, worksheets, crafts & songs aimed specifically at children aged 5/6 yrs.
We had no idea how many or who to expect - and it was a lovely surprise when many of our regular teachers from last year arrived (berating us for our "long" absence over the holiday period!) and we were encouraged to see many new faces from the last couple of crèche courses during 2012 join us too. The workshop ended up quite fully attended with almost 30 teachers all eager to learn. Another bonus was their excitement over our "new" (professionally printed) teacher's manuals which really do look very impressive.

As always we had great fun discussing the lesson plans, completing the worksheets and admiring how simple materials can be used to make clever and unique crafts and practicing the songs related to the theme is always a highlight with the teachers harmonizing even simple songs beautifully. After completing a month's worth of work in just 3 hours we all appreciated a strong cup of coffee and some chocolate cake!

While dropping off various teachers that had come from crèches some distance away one of our regular teachers - Matema - a very positive, energetic and passionate woman, shared with us that she had received feedback from one of the primary schools her pupils from last year were attending. The Gr 1 teacher had let Matema know that her students were the star pupils and leaders of the class, and Matema gave great credit to our course and workshops for this wonderful fact!

We are looking forward to another year filled with opportunities to reach out to the teachers in the community - knowing that every teacher's life we can enrich in turn enriches the lives of the many children she cares for on a daily basis. We are also excited about the opportunities we will have to present Bible classes to the children in many of these pre-schools and the relationships we will cultivate that could lead to some of the teachers joining our Bible Classes. 

Leona & Lilandi

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