Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our God is a Creative God

One of the first things we learn about our God in the bible is that He is a creative God. After all – He created absolutely everything that exists – even strange looking creatures like the platypus, or ugly ones   like the hyena. Not to mention that He created every one of us – He knew us even while we were in our mother’s womb, as the psalmist writes.

This is why I so enjoy doing creative projects with kids (and adults – but adults have already “learned” what is “right” and “beautiful” and this inhibits their natural creativity). If you create the right environment then kids delight in being creative – add some glitter, sequins, beads and lots of glue and you’re all set!

What really hits me every time is how you provide each child with exactly the same materials – and each and every end product is completely unique! It’s a miniature object lesson on how special and unique our Father has made each of us too.
Last week’s lesson was on the judge “Jephthah” and his rash promise of sacrifice to God. Each child colored and then decorated “Jephthah’s daughter” to help them remember his story.

Love in Christ

This was our last week with Matt & Adam – they will be missed by the kids and us! Thanks for your help guys!

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