Monday, April 21, 2008

Body odor, cults and testimony of faith - All in an "uneventful" week at Durban BEC

Below is Sister Doreen Greene's report on what she calls an "uneventful two weeks" at the Durban BEC for the first two weeks of April. Wow, if this is uneventful just think what an eventful week is like.....

The past two weeks were uneventful. During this period there were 31 registrations on the 22 lesson course and 298 people visited the shop. A visit was made by Mary and I to Bro. Clement who has a stall in the flea market that is within walking distance from the BEC. We were concerned because he has not been attending the Meeting since his baptism at the Easter Fraternal Gathering.

Every effort will be made to contact those brothers and sisters who are products of the BEC, to come together at a time convenient to all for a weekly or monthly Breaking of Bread at the BEC In doing so it might meet the needs of those who may find it difficult to travel long distances on Sunday when transportation is more difficult.

We were forced to have our resident beggar removed from camping at our door, since the strong smell of body odor and smoke was upsetting to all.

One woman walked in, picked up our corespondence course and said “you see, that name Christadelphian, they are a cult.” I spent some time talking with her about us. She was adamant, stating that someone at the top was getting rich off of us. Fortunately for me she didn’t know that the nice looking lady who was speaking to her also chases drunks and maybe accusers with a cricket bat.

Later on in the day we again visited Bro. Clement at his stall. We engaged in conversation with him and his brother. During that period he gave a wonderful testimony of his faith and told of the many, many churches he has gone to, but none were able to back up what they were saying thought for thought, with the Word of God, as the brotherhood has.

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Villan said...

That's a great idea to have a regular breaking of bread at the BEC. I'm sure it will help many people who struggle to get to the Sunday meeting.