Sunday, April 13, 2008

KMPBEC business

Crazy busy time here in KMP the last two weeks. Since Dan and Leah arrived we’ve more than doubled up in activities at the BEC and at the Ubuhle Bezwe orphanage.


Renovations at the orphanage was resumed and a security gate installed, the roof of the boys room lifted for more space and for the rain water to run off the roof away from the house. Some computer classes were also given to 10 of the children. On Saturday night 12 April we visited the orphanage at night and took them all a meal, gave them a lot of stationary we bought them and showed them a DVD under the roof area. We all thoroughly enjoyed the night together with all the children.


All is ready and on standby to get the building of the foster village going as soon as we get the lease agreement finalised with the council. For know we wait patiently and pray that God will make things happen in his time.


The KMPEC has also had a face lift. The signage outside (for the Bible course) as well as inside to indicate where people should register has been improved and looks great. More shelves went into the kitchen and the bulk copier is getting its own smaller specialised table – all to create the most space possible in the small area available to us. Dan also added more light to the shop. Lunch time Bible Classes picked up again and we had an average of 5 interested friends for the last five days. Some of them expressed an interest to visit our ecclesia.


Our Saturday morning special activity class for the young ones saw 10 children turn up – much to the delight of Leah and Leona who had them all make a lovely toy puppet. Two of these children will now be joining our Sunday School next week – growth continues J !


This week, God willing, we will continue our renovation work at Ubuhle Bezwe, finalise the course on Crèche management that we want to present the week after, finish the last touch ups at the BEC, continue with the Bible classes, give further life skill courses at Ubuhle Bezwe (English , Maths and Bible Classes) and advertise the KMPBEC as much as we can.


We continue to thank God everyday for the wonderful opportunities he gives us as well as the health, energy and strength to work for him in this way.


The KMPBEC team




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