Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mature American takes on hundreds of students, thieves and drunks

The past 5 weeks have seen Sis. Doreen Greene at the helm of the Durban BEC. Doreen (who's age we will not publish as she's much older than she looks) shows that there is no-one who cannot come and help out with preaching. If you're below 100 and can walk (sort of) and talk...there are many willing ears as you'll see from her story below.

Doreen has been running the BEC in the heart of Durban and handling everything from drunk beggars to thieves to thousands of interested students. Below is her report for the month of March.....

It was a busy month with 582 people walking into the shop and 43 people being registered on the 22 Lesson course.

There were two unpleasant experiences. On one occassion two books were stolen from our stock by a customer. This was observed and reported by a store keeper across the street. There is need for emphasis that two volunteers be present as much as can be made possible. On another occassion a drunk person walked in and seated himself. He was followed by a youth who was jeering him. The drunk responded by running after the youth with a cricket bat which he grabbed from a neighboring store. The opportunity was used to close the BEC doors until the danger had passed.

Returning students have shown much interest in discussing errors made in their work book. Classes on “Learning to read the English” have been off to a slow start. New tactics are now being employed in the form of asking any who enter as to whether they know of anyone who may benefit from such a class.

We decided to offer the Free bible correspondence course to everyone who walked into the shop. This produced such a flood of responses, that the weeks following doing this, Mary and I were hard pressed to mark the many returning lessons. In doing so many opportunities to offer more people courses fell through the cracks. (This is Doreen's way of saying we need more "laborers" the harvest is plentiful).

As a result of God's wonderous blessings, there have been 3 baptisms, from students of the BEC, over the past month. May God continue to bring many more to His wonderous family.

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