Monday, May 26, 2008

160 in one week (including expletive beggar)

The Durban BEC had another busy week (19/508-23/5/08). We had 160 people come into the shop with 21 new registrations for courses. With the huge growth in numbers of students a new Excel-based system has been put in place to help manage everything.

We even had an interesting visit from Lionel, our regular beggar, sporting all sorts of expletives about our lack of love because we do not give him money. He was very drunk. This emphasizes the need to have more than one person here at a time!

It's been great to have young brother Dumisani (who was baptised earlier in the year) helping out at the BEC 3 days a week. He is doing really well, building an instant rapport with people and working wonders with getting younger people in! He’s a quick learner and has been so helpful during Mary’s few days leave in terms of marking Zulu papers.

We have had a request from two ladies to run marriage courses for women. Leah had a good chat with them about this and we might look at doing this at the BEC in July.

The wave of xenophobia is also affecting our brothers and sisters (especially the refugees from DRC). Mary left the BEC early on Wednesday as she is frightened about the xenophobia attacks happening at the moment and feels vulnerable at the BEC. On Friday she was unable to get into the BEC and had to leave her home and spend the weekend (with other brothers and sisters) at the Durban ecclesial hall.

The new computer for the window display is in place, but it’s so archaic, we have to transfer our presentation to it via a floppy disk..…we are working on a solution!

Plans are in motion for a student graduation on 31st May and invites have all gone out. We have about half a dozen students who have done all 4 course (including Bible Basics!) so Leah is looking at transitioning these to more one-on-one tutoring, as well as the Durban classes.

BECITES - Dan & Leah Egginton and Ben Dailey

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