Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kempton Park BEC = Preaching on the fly

“Preaching on the Fly” is really a new concept / idea emerging here at the KMPBEC. We are becoming increasingly aware of the opportunities to get the Bible Courses into peoples hands. Opportunities that lie latent and can be effectively used to get more exposure. The car magnets we have been using has been great in this regard. Two weeks ago we were literally pulled of the road by a gentleman who read the sign “Free Bile Courses” on the side of our car and now he is enrolled for the Bible Course. Quite a few petrol attendants have enrolled for our Bible course because of seeing the car sign. We are convinced that the more exposure we give ourselves the more success we will have in getting that first “foot in the door” with people who strike up a conversation or ask to have the course. During P2P we spoke to many people behind the tills where we were buying stuff, even people in the loading bays of shops etc, all because they saw a T-Shirt, a cap, or a car magnet with the Kingdom of God brand or the Bible Course advertised.  Recently we gave a Bible course to a waiter at a restaurant while having a meal there. It just so happened that as we parked at the restaurant the owner of the restaurant saw our car sign and approach us on behalf of the waiter while we were having our meal. One simply can’t have enough signage etc going around and it is perhaps in this area that we can make HUGE strides in the future. T-Shirts, Car signs, posters, Caps , Lapel badges – whatever it takes to get peoples attention – then you can preach on the fly , on your way anywhere – after a while it becomes a habit and then a way of life.


Had our full quota (spectrum) of religions visiting the KMPBEC lately. Had some interesting discussions with some Seventh Day Adventists as well as an ex Rastafarian. The discussions were particularly helpful for some of the students that were also around some of the time.  Someone is quoted for saying that “he who knows only one religion knows none” -  some truth in that I believe – always good to know the other persons point of view , where they come from, so that your own convictions are exactly that -  your own convictions.


On Saturday, sister Trudy Clarke presented a follow up Crèche Course to some interested ladies. Other interesting visitors to the BEC was Frans who made a ”comeback” after being away for work reasons for two months as well as brother Bill Jardine from Pietermaritzburg. Tankiso is getting very serious about baptism and we will be having specific classes in this regard. Good news is that Nadia Booth, wife of Bro. Glenn Booth will be interviewed soon and will God willing be baptised this Saturday coming.


People remain very surprised at how reasonable our books and Bibles are priced and gradually we are becoming more well known for the place to go to for religious literature and Bibles. As always we praise God for the wonderful way he has enabled us to preach in so many different ways everyday of the week on such a regular and organised basis.


The Kempton Park BEC team.

“Striving for Biblically Enlightened Communities”

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