Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Newspaper Headlines read - "Christadelphian Church opens a new creche in Margate"

Maragate EcclesaiThe Margate ecclesia (on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast) has slowly seen its numbers dwindle over the past  30+ years.  For the past few years this lightstand has been kept burning by only 4 members. Yet despite this they have continued to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God. However the Margate members were eager for anything that would help re-ignite their Lightstand. And so it was with great enthusiasm that they jumped at joining in whole heartedly with the 2010 Preaching Campaign.

As part of this it was decided by Margate, that using the hall for a creche and Bible Education Centre would bring much needed life into the hall - which stands vacant for most days of the week, and even some Sundays. In August 2007 modifications were started to the hall to convert it into a suitable venue to have a creche and a Bible Education Centre. In October 2007 building work started on adding a cottage onto the hall for Bro. Nelson and Sis. Cecilia (and family) to live. This would enable them to run the creche and BEC, plus enable them to bring their children to live with them.
New Cottage
In January 2008 P2P volunteers came to stay at the hall for 2 weeks. This was a great kickstart for the new Margate Outreach effort. They ran a kids holiday club and seminars. They were also actively involved with building cupboards and shelves in BEC and helping Nelson with the planning of his herb garden (which will be a source of income for him).

Creche advertIn February 2008 Bro. Nelson opened a Sunday School, the first one for over 20 years, and the first stock supplies for the BEC arrived. March saw the cottage completed and in April a thanksgiving service was held for God's mighty work.

In April 2008 the Creche opened its doors for 3-5 year olds. The Maragate hall is located in a middle/low income area and hence there is a big need for an affordable creche. The aim is to limit it to 8 children initially ( This is the maximum number Cecilia would be able to cope with on her own). Currently there are 4 children attending the crèche.

Ongoing work is continuing with the 22 lesson Bible correspondence course. It is advertised each week in a local newspaper andNewspaper Article about Margate Ecclesai is run by Brother Eddie Stallbom. Currently there are 30 students doing the course, and the aim is to extend this by linking it in with the BEC and offering courses to the community.

New Margate BECAlso very exciting was the appearance of a full page article in the local newspaper about all the developments at the Margate ecclesial hall. This is just a testimony to the exciting new life that God has enabled here - from a little known church building to full page articles - "Congregation gives thanks" and "Christadelphian Church Opens a New Creche in Margate"

Things are moving swiftly and the new life and enthusiasm at Margate is palpable. However with this growth is the need for help. There is an urgent need for volunteers to come and stay at the hall (accommodation has been built to house volunteers) on a prolonged basis (3+ months) to help Nelson and Cecilia on a daily basis with the development of the crèche and BEC as well as Nelson’s medicinal herb garden, minor handyman issues, etc.

Bible Class in new CottageThis area of God's vineyard, is not only beautiful, but an area rich with enthusasitc ears. We pray for God's continued blessing on spreading His Good News.

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