Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2010 and P2P activities result in wonderful growth in Youth Week numbers.

The Annual South African Christadelphian Youth week was held during the second week of December this year. It was wonderful to see the numbers increase from about 30 in the past to 62 young people this year. The main reason for the increase was due to the activities and work of the 2010 and P2P campaigns which resulted in the establishment of the Marianhill ecclesia. Twenty two of the young people from Marianhill attended the Youth Week and for the first time in 10 years we had to hire a bus to get the 40 odd young people from Durban to the camp.


The other third of the camp was made up of young people from Gauteng who travelled to the lovely Drakensville holiday resort in a convoy of three cars. The week was thoroughly enjoyed by all and every day was jam-packed with a 15 minute “First thoughts” meditation first thing in the morning, three study classes (two in the morning and one at night), a Bible marking session, recreational activities like swimming, a hike, stalk the lantern, games night, DVD night, visit to a power station,” bolley ball” and soccer matches. Great food at meal times were thrown in for good measure and most nights everyone was happy to “hit the sack” as tired bodies got some well deserved sleep.


The lessons for the seniors were given by Bro. David White and myself while Leona and myself shared the lessons for the junior group. Bro. David handled lots of practical issues that impact on the young people today and gave good Biblical perspectives on a variety of issues whilst I focused on showing people how to study their Bibles. The junior group’s theme was on being spiritually sick and getting healed by Jesus.


As in the past it was intriguing to see how the young people got to know each other so well and start living together as an integrated family after the third day. Everyone had great fun in leaning about God’s word and participating in many activities. If the current growth continues we will have to split the youth week into two camps, one for Seniors and one for Juniors – what a nice “problem” to possibly have in the near future !


We frequently thank our heavenly Father for the way he has empowered us to preach the gospel to others and bring so many more young people into contact with His word and ways.


- Lucas Scheepers



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