Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas at Lamontville Creche!

On the 6th of December, the long wait for many of the children at Lamontville Crèche was over. Today was their Christmas party and graduation day (for four of the students).

The day began with an early start for Rose (crèche teacher) and Busi (crèche cook), as they prepared the room and began to cook the scrumptious lunch.

Smartly dressed children began to arrive at 10:30am and were escorted into the back room to watch T.V while they waited for the rest of the children and parents to arrive.

Once all the parents had arrived and the children were ready the concert began, starting with the children dancing through the doors, into a room full of proud parents.

The concert began with the four children who were leaving the crèche, dancing the “Graduation Step”, followed by the rest of the children joining them to sing a few songs and recite some poems. They were very cute and needed no assistance in remembering any of the words.

Once the concert was finished each child was presented with a certificate of achievement for attending the crèche for the year.

A scrumptious lunch of curry and mixed salads followed by ice cream was served next, followed by some traditional Zulu dancing done by the children. This was met with great enthusiasm by the parents, as they cheered and clapped asking for dance after dance. The children were happy to comply.

The day ended with Christmas cake, presents and a few games of “pass the parcel” and musical statues for the children.

Amy McClure, Australia

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