Thursday, December 18, 2008

Combined Sunday School Concert

After many weeks of planning and practice the day had finally arrived! At 9am on Sunday 30th of November Durban hall was filled with the noise of 80 excited Sunday School children. The day began with a payer and then all the Sunday Schools singing “We’ve got Good News of the Kingdom of God” together. It was such an awesome sight and sound.

Throughout the morning we were presented with the different Sunday Schools singing songs and reading verses from the bible.

Durban Sunday School was the first up singing a number of songs using a variety of instruments such as the guitar, piano and the clarinet.

Lamontville and Mariannhill were next, singing a couple of their favourite songs in Zulu and English. Their enthusiasm could be seen by the volume of their songs and the way they moved to the tune of the songs. There was a small competition between these two Sunday schools as they each tried to be the last with a song to sing – the groups got up one after the other to present completely unplanned songs!!

Westville Sunday School sung the well-known song “Talk Together” and were then joined by Mariannhill to sing “Jesus’ love is a bubbling over”

To end the concert, all the Sunday schools were invited up onto the stage to sing “Days of Elijah”. Once again this was an amazing experience to see and hear: these 80 Sunday School children, from four different areas, singing together!

After a prayer we all headed outside for some refreshments and chat with the kids, young people and the brothers and sisters.

Amy McClure, Australia

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