Monday, June 22, 2009

All things bright and beautiful

The Tembisa Sunday School has now grown to a steady 25 children each Sunday. Last Sunday we had a wonderful outing, together with the Kempton Park Ecclesia Sunday School, to the Lory Park Zoo. Some of the children had never seen many of the animals in this relatively small but very well kept and presented zoo. It was a good time to make God's creation more real to them and bring home to them the variety in God's creation.
We were quite fascinated by some of the children who were quite afraid of the owls because of some superstition they have been taught in the township. It was a good opportunity to teach them the true facts and helping them to be freed of these fears after a while. After lots of roaming around between cages and having a scrumptious lunch we took them all home. The smiling faces at the end of the day was a great reward for taking them on a special outing. It will be holidays for the next 4 weeks and there will be no Sunday school but a P2P holiday club week awaits them during the second week of July. Some of them attended the previous holiday club and can't wait for the next one. Again, by God's grace, we will be able to brighten up the lives of these children for a little while whilst teaching them God's values and some valuable life skills.
We continue to thank God for the wonderful opportunities and resources He continues to provide us to show his and Jesus' love to others.
Loving greetings from all the 2010 workers here in Kempton Park

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