Monday, June 29, 2009

A new way to support Afrikhono!

You have probably all heard about Afrikhono (, the welfare project that aims at helping our South African brethren and sisters earn a living whilst retaining their dignity......well, there is now a brand new way to help support this project!

The ecclesial communities of Mariannhill (which this blog often has updates on!) and Durban (which largely supports the Durban BEC contacts) have continued to work on creating beautiful, handmade greeting cards that have been purchased by ecclesias throughout Australia, the UK and the US! However, if this project is going to continue to support the welfare needs of these growing ecclesias, the sale of their cards needs is very important.

So we are now reaching out for people who are happy to become Afrikhono representatives in a brand new way to support this exciting project! As a representative, you would receive a batch of cards initially free of charge to on-sell to your local and ecclesial community to ensure an income for your family in Christ in South Africa. Also, for a limited time, we will be providing a batch of 300 cards for the cost of 200!

If you are happy to become an Afrikhono representative in this way, you will receive a box of cards in about 2-3 months time, as we will be posting these via sea mail to help reduce costs. You will then be asked to pay for these approximately one month after they are received, by which time you should have been able to on-sell most of the cards to help with making payment.

If you are happy to act as an Afrikhono representative in your local area by receiving this batch of cards on consignment, please email and provide us with the following details:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Postal address (where the cards should be sent) - please include full details such as postal code and country
  • Ecclesia

When your confirmation is received by the Afrikhono team, a batch of cards will be posted to you immediately and you will be emailed information on how to on-sell the cards and also be provided with a brochure to use when promoting the Afrikhono cards.

We look forward to receiving your support on this project. Please spread the word to as many others as you know might be interested in helping!

Your family in Christ, the Afrikhono Team

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