Monday, March 8, 2010

BEC Busking in Durban

BEC Busking

For the past month or so on Fridays we’ve been going to the BEC to draw people inside to sign up for the different courses. How did we happen to draw people in you might ask? Well through Zulu songs of praise of course! These passer-by’s are amazed by the fact that these odd group of white people are singing songs in Zulu.

Laura and Phil take turns with the guitar and the rest of us pass out fliers to let people know about what the BEC provides. Some people just stop and stare, and that gives us the perfect opportunity to start up a little chat and invite them inside. Some people stop and join in with either singing or dancing; it’s always best when it’s both.

Each week through God’s blessing we’ve signed up more and more people for God’s Master Plan! I’m pretty sure our peak number is 27 new students in just a couple short hours!

Onlookers have gotten so used to us in such a short time that they recognize us as ‘the singing people’, and ask us when we are singing again. I’m glad that these people are looking forward to it as much as we are!

We don’t just stay stationary outside the BEC on Mark Lane either, we tend to get around. The ladies at the front end of the street requested our singing. So we gave them a little show as they waited to get their hair done. Each of those women signed up for God’s Master Plan! It’s amazing the way music is a language of it’s own. Music is our way of sparking conversation about God and His kingdom that’s coming on earth!

We also moved into the shopping centre across the way, which had some great acoustics by the way. A lady came over and started videoing us on her phone. I invited her over to the BEC, but she said she couldn’t leave because she was actually the only one working in the shop and she left it unattended. Later when we dispersed we went back to her in the shop to sign her up for the course and she was listening to our singing already and showing customers!

Oh and another neat thing is that there have been a couple of keen students that have either finished the courses or are still enjoying them that come help us on Fridays. They pass out fliers with us, strike up conversations, and join in with the singing. God is so great!

All in all, God has been blessing these efforts greatly- praise to Him! Something as simple as playing the guitar and singing songs of praise in public is drawing people closer to God. How awesome!

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