Thursday, March 11, 2010

Showing the Love to “God is Love”

The Kempton Park missionary team and visiting Durban P2P group spent a workday yesterday at the “God is Love” crèche in Delmore Gardens. We’ve held Saturday Morning Bible Club for teenagers at Gogo’s “God is Love” crèche for the past two months, so it was high time to incorporate her crèche into the C.U.D.D.L.E. project (Crèche Upgrades, Diligently Developing Little one’s Education). As we’ve been teaching at the Saturday Morning Bible Club, we’ve been eyeing repairs we’d like to make when time was available, and, with the visiting P2P group (comprised of Phil Ashcroft, Naomi Midgley, Mat Collard, Laura Iredale, and Christy Beyers), we had the manpower to get a lot of work done in a relatively short amount of time.

We scrubbed down the back wall along the playground fence with sugar soap and also an indoor wall, both of which were in bad condition and also contained a misspelled word (“Saterday”) that was supposed to be teaching the children days of the week. We gave both of the large walls a fresh coat of tan paint and then hand-painted in the proper spelling of the days of the week. Then, instead of random fruit shapes which were there, we painted the five main shapes to be used as teaching tools for the children to learn from. Indoors, the wall we painted was in really bad condition, but it looked as good as new once a fresh coat of paint was applied. Gogo’s old hand-drawn teaching posters were showing their age and were a little too small to be seen by a small child sitting on the floor, so she agreed that we could replace them with 9 new professional teaching posters educating the students on shapes, numbers, body parts, months, vehicles, animals, etc.

Gogo’s crèche had only a tiny sign out front that was barely visible from the road, so Christy and Laura hand-painted a large “God is Love” sign in an interesting, eye-catching font along with a heart shape on the front brick fence that is approximately eight feet wide by 3 feet high, so very visible for people walking or driving by to help promote Gogo’s crèche for new business. Gogo was very appreciative of all the help and we were able to spend some quality time with her crèche children after the work was over. By the end of the day, we were able to show our love of God to the “God is Love” crèche!

Laura and Christy just finishing hand-painting the new sign for the “God is Love” crèche in Delmore Gardens.

Mat setting up the paints for our workday as part of the C.U.D.D.L.E. project.

Megan painting on a square shape on the back fence wall to teach the children from.

BEFORE: The indoor wall of the “God is Love” crèche was in desperate need of help.

AFTER: Not only a fresh coat of paint to look brand new, but 9 quality teaching posters for the children to learn from.

Hendri hanging one of the new teaching posters donated to the “God is Love” crèche.

BEFORE: The back fence wall to the playground contained random fruit shapes and a misspelled word: “Saterday”.

AFTER: A clean coat of paint, properly spelled days of the week, and the five main shapes hand-painted on brighten and uplift the entire playground area.

Happy, energetic children at the “God is Love” crèche.

Liezl putting the finishing touches on the word “Square” on the back fence wall.

Doris "Gogo" Zwane on the left, owner of the "God is Love" creche.

Our P2P wrap-up dinner after 11 days of work with the preaching group in the Johannesburg area. From left: Hendri Viljoen (Guateng), Liezl Scheepers (Gauteng), Laura Iredale (England), Christy Beyers (Durban), Mat Collard (England), Phil Ashcroft (England), Naomi Midgley (England), Llewelyn Scheepers (Guateng), Megan Sabo (U.S.), Jonathan Sabo (U.S.), Lucas Scheepers (Guateng), Leona Scheepers (Guateng), Lilandi Scheepers (Guateng), and Michael Furstenburg (Guateng).

Your brother in Christ's service,
Bro. Jonathan Sabo - Kempton Park, South Africa Ecclesia

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