Saturday, March 6, 2010

P2P workday at Aphiwe community center

The special P2P team helping to get the Aphiwe community center here in Tembisa ready had a fantastic productive workday at the center on Thursday 4 March. Together with some of Autopage personnel the interior of the centre was cleaned and a lot of work was done outside the center. The majority of the hard work was done outside as 3 different areas around the center was prepared for laying down instant lawn. The process required hard physical work as the ground had to be leveled, additional soil had to be brought in, the grass off loaded and then laid down on the prepared soil. It was hard, dirty work but great fun.
God especially blessed us in giving us a cloudy day. The instant lawn need a lot of water after being "installed" and it rain the very night after we got the lawn down - just what we needed. Whilst working two people came and enquired about what we were doing and we could introduce them to the Bible course. Another gentlemen stopped his car, got out and asked where he could join our church! It just served as confirmation that people are starting to realize that Christians are at work showing the love of Jesus and God by way of giving their time and energy to the community without wanting anything in turn.
As the day ended we were all in high spirit as we managed to get everything done we planned and for sensing God's presence in all we did. Most of us had our T-shirts written off as we carried many a chunk of quick lawn to and fro but it was a minor "loss" compared to what the work would mean to the community. As we looked at the transformation of the centre in one day we realized how many miracles God is still doing in just the ordinary events of every day life as he uses us as privileged instruments.
With abiding love from the special P2P team and the Kempton Park 2010 team.

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