Tuesday, May 11, 2010

new wheelchairs coming soon...

Annie also did some wheelchair assessments while she was here. The kids desperately need new wheelchairs, they are way too small or way too big or way broken. Newbury ecclesia have donated some money for new chairs and the money raised from the happys website


is also going to new chairs.

but we still don't have enough money...we need 32 new chairs and 7 have to be specially assessed.

There is now a sister at the school. Nozipho...She got baptised on sunday and needs an electric wheelchair. She has rhumatoid artharitis and is unable to move her arms or legs. She is fully dependant on her friends at the school for getting around and feeding her, changing her etc. She is very bright and hopes to go to uni next year, she is worried about where she will live as she needs a carer. An electric wheelchair would give her so much freedom that she used to have before she got rhumatoid artharitis. So we plan to fundraise for this...watch this space! dontations welcome...

Sister Nozipho

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