Sunday, May 2, 2010

touch THEN teach

Last week we built a jungle jim at a random creshe in marianhill township. I wasnt sure why the whole time we were doing it or how anyone had come into contact with the creshe to give us the go ahead with this. The whole team only found out we were doing this at 10pm the night before we were to do it. it was a bit crazy.
On the same plot of land there is a tiny wooden shed, a "tuck shop". The man who owns this helped us out with building it. He couldnt understand why we were doing this. The only reason we were doing it was because of God. We were trying to give some of christs love back. The man was called Lindo. We told him we had a church down the road and he said he would come on sunday. Now over here in SA when you hand out a flyer EVERYBODY says they will come weather its handing a flyer out for church or for advertising the bible shop we have in town or whatever. The response is always "ill come" "ill be there". But they never are, they never do. Lindo tells us "He will come".
But he did come! and he came the week after that! And he came the week after that too! He wants to know. Whats this space...


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