Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One more crèche upgraded - many more to go :-)

Ruth's crèche (Bambino crèche) is the 6th crèche on the official upgrade list of the CUDDLE project. Soon this list will grow to 12 and after the 4th and 5th crèche courses the list will grow to about 20. We had the wonderful privilege of 5 super volunteers joining us to do a lot of the work we identified when we visited Ruth at her crèche a few weeks ago. Natalie Boardman, Ben and Charlotte Hurn, Roger and Amy Elfenbein and Hendri and Liezl did a fantastic job at painting, cleaning and tidying up two class rooms. they also fitted a ceiling in a third room , painted it and put down a carpet to give Ruth a third classroom. Ruth and her husband was absolutely delighted.

It was very rewarding to see the change our work made to the crèche. Most rewarding however was that Ruth kept on thanking God instead of us as she saw room for room upgraded. She fully believes that God worked a "small miracle" for her through using us. Some of the parents also expressed their delight with the way the crèche looked now. There is SO much work still to be done but we are happy, thankful and deeply touched by what God is doing through us in this community and the love it is spreading around.  

With abiding love from the KMP 2010 team

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