Thursday, August 19, 2010

God Moment

In my "Hamba Ministries" activities (walking the streets of Durban and sharing God's Master Plan course) I have met several people who are pursuing the course diligently.  One of them, Stella, has completed God's Master Plan and is currently working on our "Learn Your Bible" course.  I met Stella and about 5 other students at a hairdressers at the edge of Durban Town Center, as it was on my path into town.  About 3 weeks ago, Stella quite working at the hairdressers at the edge of town and I haven't seen her since until last Thursday.  On Thursday, I heard a little commotion inside the BEC and then Mary Wilondja came to the study room in the back and brought Stella in with her.  Stella very excitedly told me that she and her husband both know Mary and Boniface, that they are friends, and are completely surprised that they are part of our church.  I then asked the Very Excited Stella how her studies are coming and how she is enjoying what she is learning of the Bible.  Stella was VERY excited to tell me how much she was enjoying and benefitting from what she has learned and how much she values the courses that she has taken so far.  Then I asked her if she would like to come to church and she said she would really like that, and that she plans on coming with her husband and kids on Sunday the 22nd of August.  She was totally pumped!!

And after this, so was I.  Think of it.  3 Million people m/l in the Durban area.  What are the odds that I would have 12 students actively working on the God's Master Plan and Learn Your Bible courses, and of those 12 students, at least 2 of them know Mary Wilondja who goes to the Durban Ecclesia?  Incredible!

Much Love,

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