Monday, August 30, 2010

A new brother and a new ecclesia!!

Bro Swedi Kaluta Sumahili was baptized last night (Sunday 29 August) in the pool at Bro. Mickey Scheepers' house in Pretoria. Swedi gave a good confession of his faith and we were all delighted to have gained a new brother. We were again reminded of how God works in the lives of people seeking him. Swedi got to know of the Gospel in the Congo but the war made him lose contact with Christadelphians there. When he moved to South Africa he met Bro. Paul from the Congolese satellite meeting in Pretoria. He was surprised and happy to find Christadelphians close to where he was staying and resumed his studies with us.
More good news is that the six brethren and two sisters that form the satellite ecclesia in Pretoria have decided to formally establish their ecclesia quite a while ago and this has now taken place last night as well. The PRETORIA CENTRAL ecclesia is thus now a reality with 8 members. Bro Paul Kizunguluka was chosen to be recording brother and bro. Paderi Shabani will be the finance brother. We will continue to support the new ecclesia, especially on Sundays as different members of the Kempton Park ecclesia will visit them to share fellowship.
With abiding love in Jesus
The 2010 team - Kempton Park 

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